Elegant Cosmetics Cellulose Face Scrub



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Weight(grams): 110

Dimension: 6 cm (Length) x 6 cm (Width) x 17 cm (Height)

Volume: 60ml

Expiry Date: May 2024

KKM: NOT220310842K

Remove all those dead cells using Elegant Cellulose Face Scrub.

Experience the epitome of skincare indulgence with Elegant Cosmetics Cellulose Face Scrub, the perfect blend of quality and affordability. Elevate your skincare routine to new heights and unveil a glowing complexion that exudes confidence.

Why Choose Elegant Cosmetics Cellulose Face Scrub?

  1. Exquisite Exfoliation: Our Cellulose Face Scrub is delicately formulated to provide gentle yet effective exfoliation, revealing smoother, more radiant skin. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a refreshed, youthful glow.

  2. Natural Ingredients: We believe in the power of nature for beautiful skin. Our scrub is enriched with natural ingredients like cellulose beads that remove dead skin cells, dirt, and impurities without harsh chemicals. It's suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

  3. Affordable Luxury: We understand the importance of a budget-friendly beauty routine. Elegant Cosmetics offers you a luxurious skincare experience without breaking the bank. You don't have to compromise on quality when you choose us.

  4. Revitalize and Rejuvenate: Regular use of our Cellulose Face Scrub promotes healthy skin cell turnover, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. Your skin will feel revitalized and rejuvenated with each use.

  5. Enhanced Absorption: By removing the barrier of dead skin cells, our scrub enhances the absorption of your favorite skincare products, making them more effective. Your serums and moisturizers will work wonders on your newly exfoliated skin.

  6. Cruelty-Free: We take pride in our commitment to cruelty-free practices. Our products are never tested on animals, and we prioritize ethical sourcing of ingredients.

  7. Elegance in Every Jar: Our elegant packaging not only keeps the product fresh but also adds a touch of sophistication to your vanity.


  1. Sophora Flavescens Root Extract
  2. Microcitrus Australasica
  3. Citrus Extract
  4. Opuntia ficus - Indica Stem Extract
  5. Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract
  6. Cellulose

Make Elegant Cosmetics Cellulose Face Scrub your daily skincare ritual and experience the magic of radiant, youthful skin at an unbeatable price. Elevate your beauty game without compromising on quality.

Choose Elegance; choose Elegant Cosmetics.

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