Make Up Set

Elegant Night Recovery Cream Trial/Travel Pack
Elegant Cosmetics Night Recovery Cream is a Day & Night Moisturiser for pores, bright skin and keep skin moist up to 42 hours.
Elegant Cellulose Face Scrub Trial/Travel Pack
Gentle yet effective exfoliating scrub Elegant with fresh scent of Citrus & Extract of Caviar Lime, helps to scrub away impurities and dead skin cell, to leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and radiant.
Elegant Cosmetics Trial / Travel Set
Elegant Cosmetics Trial / Travel Series (15ml Each)
  1. Elegant Whitening Emulsion
  2. Elegant Night Recovery Cream
  3. Elegant Cellulose Face Scrub
  4. Elegant Jeju Cleanser

* packing in a box
* can send as a gift