Elegant Whitening Emulsion Trial/Travel Pack

Elegant Cosmetics Whitening Emulsion is a HYBRID SUNSCREEN formulation with SPF50 PA+++ good for your dull skin and bright skin. Protect your skin against Bluelight and make sure your skin always looks natural beauty without foundation or heavy make up.<

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Elegant Night Recovery Cream Trial/Travel Pack
Elegant Cosmetics Night Recovery Cream is a Day & Night Moisturiser for pores, bright skin and keep skin moist up to 42 hours.
Elegant Cosmetics Trial / Travel Set
Elegant Cosmetics Trial / Travel Series (15ml Each)
  1. Elegant Whitening Emulsion
  2. Elegant Night Recovery Cream
  3. Elegant Cellulose Face Scrub
  4. Elegant Jeju Cleanser

* packing in a box
* can send as a gift